Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Job Karma?

I've been living in California for about 6 months now, and I've still yet to land a job. It's been pretty frustrating. I need to find employment soon, as I only have enough money to last until May (and that's if I can keep to the strict "ramen and cereal" budget I've devised for myself). Also, it's hard to write when you're constantly thinking about your funds running out, so I haven't been doing much writing. Starving artist, my ass! When you're starving, you have no time to be an artist, or a writer, or much of anything except miserable.

I have to admit I haven't been much of an employee in the past. I wonder if my current woes aren't just because of the crappy economy, but also some sort of "job karma." I've done a lot of silly things in the past. Here, let these stick-figure panels give you a few examples of the type of worker I once was...
I used to work as a lot porter in high school, where I'd have to drag a water hose around and carry a bucket of soap, a sponge, and a chamois on me to wash cars in the hot Nevada sun. It was a very physically demanding job, and after a while I began to take prolonged breaks in the shade. I'd overturn my soap bucket, use it as a seat, and smoke the cigarettes I stole from the car salesmen (whose offices I had to clean). Soon I began to tuck a novel in my back pocket to read on my breaks. There were days when the amount of chapters read surpassed the amount of cars washed. But at least I was still staying on the general work property. The same couldn't be said at some of my other jobs. For example...

So, yeah, I did that. I was a goofy kid at times. Back then, I just plain didn't care about work. I've held jobs since I was fifteen and a half, but never one that I really enjoyed. They were all boring, or hard work for little pay, or the bosses were complete jackasses who treated the employees like imbeciles. Basically, I knew my little antics were wrong, but I felt like my employers deserved it-- like if they didn't respect me, then I didn't have to respect them either. I also admit that I felt "better" than the jobs I had. I was young and cocky. Needless to say, I never held on to a job for very long. Some of my "reasons" for quitting jobs are pretty much legend among my friends. For example:
There are more, but I'm not up to creating any more of these little panels. 

I need to get back to searching for a job. Can I beat my job karma? I'll just have to wait and see, I guess.

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